Cognitive Affective Neurodevlopmental Research



Executive Function

Studies on the Frontal Lobes in relation to learning and behavior.


Diversity and Culture

Research in diverse cultures and demographics. Current emphasis on Asian American identity and development.


Neuroethics and Technology

Research and consult on various ethical issues in the growing field of technology and the developing brain.


Optimal Education

Pursuing excellence in all areas of learning and the brain from pre-K to adults


CAN Lab was established in 2018 and is headed by researcher and academic,

Dr. E. Cruz Eusebio. It's primary areas of focus are on the developing brain, learning, and neuroethics in society today.

About CAN Lab

CAN Lab is focused on the progression of education, psychology, and neuroscience with the primary goals to explore Executive Function, Diversity and Culture, Neuroethics, and Optimal Education. 

I attribute most of my ability to translate and adopt complex ideas to the early auditory acquisition skills of my early training in listening to, and more importantly, playing classical music.

Dr. E. Cruz Eusebio, BuzzFeed 2017